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A Life as I could not have Imagined

Isn't that all what we have, what we experience? 

A life as we could not have even guessed at.

Some of us may not wish our suffering on our worst enemy. 

Some of us would not have hoped to ever be this happy.

And yet, what do we ever amount to?

We are constantly at each other's throats.

Our lives are just glimpses of a moment on mother earth.

We live, we suffer or rejoice, then we die.  What for?

Let Me interject a prophecy... We are but miniscule.

We are parasites on a living planet, in a living solar system, in a living galaxy, within a flat universe. 

Time cannot be quantified for the extremely breif moment we occupy it,

nor can our space within the universe be mapped due to its infinitesimality.

No, we are not alone, how could we be? 

Even in scientific terms we can only see 15% of the universe.

And that little bit is only a fraction of one of many in the multiverse.

All the while we overlook the grand design of it all.

Science has even proven creation.  And yet we scoff.

The universe vibrates as if to music, and we laugh it off.

What we don't seem to grasp is that we matter. 

No matter who we are, good or bad, we matter.

Whether we figure out how to get off this world before we rape it and kill it off will matter.

It will matter to God.  It will matter to us. 

All we are matters, no matter how small or insignificant.

Because this universe isn't all there is.  It is just but one corpusal coarsing through God's veins.

We matter because we are our God's dreams, his hope. 

We were designed to not be able to influence time or space with our infinitesimalism. 

But we have to act together to make an impact.  We don't.

And it matters, because eventually, he will need us. 

But no one could use us in this state of selfishness and greed.

Get it together, mankind!


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